Research & Development

Research & Development

ecotox consult • Dr. Michael Meller • ecotoxicological consulting service is involved in environmental research and development projects in ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment.


In close collaboration with authorities, universities and industry the team of ecotox consult works on current research topics focusing on the development and improvement of test strategies and concepts for the environmental risk assessment of chemical substances.


A selection of current research and development projects is presented below.


For further questions and information on current research projects, please feel free to contact us.

Protection of wild pollinators in the pesticide risk assessment and management

Latest research on biodiversity in agricultural landscapes suggests that pollinating insects (especially wild bees and butterflies) are not sufficiently protected from the effects of plant protection products under the current risk assessment and risk management schemes. The research and development project (FKZ: 3715 64 409 0), funded by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), therefore aims to provide a basis for the revision of risk assessment and risk management schemes.


Exposure profiles in aquatic risk assessment

In the aquatic risk assessment for plant protection products there is an increasing demand for the analysis of exposure profiles, i.e. the course of a predicted environmental concentration as a function of time. In particular, the EFSA aquatic guidance document specifies new requirements for higher tier risk assessment procedures. Therefore, in this project different approaches for the analysis of exposure profiles are evaluated in order to develop a practicable method that is suitable for regulatory practice in EU risk assessment.

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