Ecotoxicological Services

Daphnia magna

ecotox consult Dr. Michael Meller • ecotoxicological consulting service is specialised in ecotoxicological sciences and environmental risk assessment. ecotox consult provides regulatory support for all major groups of chemicals including plant protection products, industrial chemicals, biocidal products, human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.


Offered ecotoxicological services:

  • data evaluation, completeness checks, and identification of data gaps;
  • development of environmental risk assessment strategies;
  • design, monitoring, evaluation, and assessment of ecotoxicological studies;
  • literature research;
  • exposure modelling;
  • preparation of environmental risk assessments, and ecotoxicological expert opinions;
  • support by acting as a link between industry, authorities and contract research organisations (CROs).

If required, ecotox consult is able to draw upon an interdisciplinary network of experienced experts (e.g. in the areas of environmental fate, toxicology, analytical chemistry) in order to provide tailor-made solutions.

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