Wild pollinators & plant protection products @ SETAC Brussels 2017

Recommendations for the implementation of risk mitigation measures which might be suitable to protect wild pollinators in the agricultural landscape developed in the ongoing R&D project on the “Protection of wild pollinators in risk assessment and risk management of pesticides” (FKZ: 3715 64 409 0; funded by the German Federal Environment Agency) will be presented as a poster at this year’s SETAC Europe Meeting in Brussels.

Tuesday, 9.5.2017; Session “New developments in ecotoxicology for the risk assessment of single and multiple stressors in insect pollinators: from the laboratory to the real world"; Poster TU207:

Bereswill, R., Brühl, C., Krichbaum, K., Meller, M., Süßenbach, D., Topping, C.J. & Uhl, P. (2017) Risk mitigation measures for the protection of flower visiting insects from effects of pesticides. Poster at the 27th annual meeting of SETAC Europe (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry), Brussels, Belgium, on May, 7-11, 2017.

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