Biocidal Products

biocides in household products

Environmental risk assessment of biocides

Environmental risk assessments are required for the market authorisation of biocides by European chemical legislation according to the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC (BPD). In 2009, a proposal for a new Regulation concerning the placing on the market and use of biocidal products was adopted by the European Commission. This new Regulation will repeal and replace the current Biocidal Products Directive in 2013. The new Regulation will effect the requirements for environmental risk assessments of biocides and represent a big challenge for all stakeholders in the near future.


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...supports you in complying with European chemical legislation, and provides tailor-made solutions for your regulatory needs. Please feel free to contact Michael Meller for additional information concerning the ecotoxicological aspects of the market authorisation procedure of biocidal products.


Offered ecotoxicological services:

  • data evaluation, and identification of data gaps;
  • development of environmental risk assessment strategies;
  • design, monitoring, evaluation, and assessment of ecotoxicological studies;
  • literature research;
  • preparation of environmental risk assessments, and ecotoxicological expert opinions;
  • support by acting as a link between industry, authorities and contract research organisations (CROs).
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